YURURI Yusuhara
(Yusuhara Town Integrated Welfare Facility)


YURURI Yusuhara(Yusuhara Town Integrated Welfare Facility)

YURURI Yusuhara is an integrated welfare facility which plays an intermediate role between living at home and at the special nursing home for the elderly. It functions to support home life while promoting health and care strategies for older residents in order to realize their wish to continue living comfortably in a familiar area.
The outer wall of the building utilizes local Japanese cedar boards, while the interior uses natural material such as local, handmade Japanese washi paper. It serves as a 'Community House', displaying the nature of Yusuhara to the townspeople.


Yusuhara Town Office / 1444-1, Yusuhara, Yusuhara-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi, 785-0695
Phone: +81-889-65-1111 (0889-65-1111 for domestic call)
Fax: +81-889-40-2010 (0889-40-2010 for domestic call)