Kumo-no-Ue-no Gallery
(Wooden Bridge-Shaped Art Gallery)


Kumo-no-Ue-no Gallery (Wooden Bridge-Shaped Art Gallery)

The architecture followed a concept, ‘a building designed after a forest’, which was achieved through fusing into the surrounding nature: its shape represents a tree with branches and leaves, whose combination makes komorebi (the interplay of sunlights and shades filtered through trees, an untranslatable Japanese sense of beauty); tokyō, a traditional building system supporting eaves was chosen as a decorative motif, on the basis of which the figure of the gallery following yajirobē (a traditional balance toy) was formed by piling up wood members. This type of architecture is quite unique all over the world and provides even solemnity.
This design, fitting in the surrounding nature and piling up the supports, brought a presence as a town symbol to the gallery and is showing a promise of using local timber. This work has consequently given the confidence on the wide potential and promotion of Yusuhara cedar use to the town.


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