Yusuhara Museum of History and Folklore 1100 Years of the Yusuhara Spirit

Visitor Guide [1st Floor]

Layout of Exhibits: 110 Years of the Yusuhara Spirit

Layout of Exhibits: 1100 Years of the Yusuhara Spirit (1st Floor)

  • A. 1100 Years of Yusuhara Glory (Short film)
    Pass through the magic series of torii gates, and travel back through time. Enjoy the short film about 1100 Years of Yusuhara Glory.
  • B. Heian Period (Fujiwara no Tsunetaka, Heian period clothing, Kagura performance, etc.)
    In Heian times, Fujiwara no Tsunetaka visited the area and named it Yusuhara – the start of the history of Yusuhara. View elaborate Heian-style clothing along with the history exhibits.
  • C. Warring States Period (Tsuno clan, etc.)
    Learn the story about the Tsuno clan which governed this area during the Warring States period, and Chōsokabe Motochika who conquered the Tosa domain.
  • D. Bakumatsu Period (The Yusuhara Six, Ryōma Sakamoto, and other patriots)
    Introduction to the local historic sites associated with reforming patriots who were born in Yusuhara and worked closely with Ryōma Sakamoto.
  • E. Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods (1868-1989) ,Heisei Period and the future
    The Meiji Period brought bewildering changes and ushered in the modern era. See how the people of Yusuhara overcame the challenges and changed their lifestyles, into and through the 20th century, and how Yusuhara is preparing for the future.

Visitor Guide [2nd Floor]

Folk Heritage Exhibition

F. Folk Heritage Exhibition

  • Performing arts heritage (Kagura and others)
    Utensils for home life and farming that are never seen today, revealing some of the wisdom of old-fashioned living.
  • Performing arts heritage (Kagura and others)
    Many interesting items are displayed from kagura and other ancient performance and craft traditions of the Yusuhara area.
  • Yusuhara Antiques – Tools of a Lifestyle
    Oversize tableware for Tosa-style banquets, and other items from daily life that evoke the moods of ancient times.

G. The Bakumatsu Period and the Meiji Restoration

  • The Bakumatsu Period and the Meiji Restoration
    Learn about the turbulent 1860s and the local patriots, the Yusuhara Six. There are touch-panel displays about the patriots breaking away from the domain (dappan) and the events of the time, and many other exhibits that offer fresh insight into this dramatic period of Japanese history.

Usage guide

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  • Price : dults ¥200(over65:¥100) / Children(under12) ¥100
  • Regular holiday : New Year’s Holiday
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